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    KolourOne 13W PAR30 LED 3200K Flood FL40 Light Bulb

    KolourOne 13W PAR30 LED 3200K Flood FL40 Light Bulb

    Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2012):
    I rate this good to outstanding on the categories offered (but what does "feature" mean?). Anyway, it's an impressive bulb - well made, etc. But wait... there's more!
    Flood (FL40) rating: I was disappointed in the FL40 characteristics of this LED bulb. I'm trying to find a suitable replacement for Ushio PAR 30 FL40 50W bulbs I use in recessed ceiling lighting. This bulb looks more like a FL30 or narrower with my 8-ft ceiling. The beam has a rather hot white center (even on the floor, worse on counter tops) which does not produce the light I want in the space (kitchen and bathroom).
    So, I think the FL40 is not a fair rating unless the expected ceiling height is more clearly identified (on the web site).

    Length: The bulb is also about a half an inch longer (even though the spec says it's only .1" difference... it's not) than the Ushio halogen I want to replace. Not a big deal, but it means the bulb doesn't sit as deep as I'd like.

    Color temperature (3200K): I was completely surprised by the difference in color between this bulb (3200K) and the halogen (2900K). The color is white. Not blue white. But *radically* more white than the 2900K halogens.

    Bottom line: The quality seems great. But I don't think this should be rated as a FL40 when it doesn't come close to creating the same effect as a similarly rated halogen. For me, the search continues.
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