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    8 Silver PAR CAN 64 500w PAR64 WFL O-Clamp Dimmer Truss

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    8 Silver PAR CAN 64 500w PAR64 WFL O-Clamp Dimmer Truss

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    • 8 Silver PAR CAN 64 500w PAR64 WFL O-Clamp Dimmer Truss
    • 8 Silver PAR CAN 64 500w PAR64 WFL O-Clamp Dimmer Truss
    PAR64 Polished Chrome - PAR Can 64 Silver
    Quantity: 8

    Product Description

    The Par 64 long barrel design eliminates glare and lets you use lamps from 500 watts to 1000 watts with a beam spread from a very narrow spot to a wide flood. Ideal for use if the projection distance is 30'-50'.


        - Lightweight 

        - Aluminum Construction 

        - Polished Chrome Finish 

        - Line Cord with Molded 110V House Plug 

        - Gel Frame 

        - Mesh Safety Screen 

    You need the best possible PAR 64 can for your large scale venue or show. With throw distances up to 50ft and its ability to support 500w and 1,000w lamps, this PAR 64 polished chrome can get the job done for you. Its aluminum construction and lightweight body make it ideal for traveling productions that demand high quality light. No matter what you use it for you need a high quality PAR can 64 in your lighting arsenal that you can count on. 

    Please Note: This PAR can is supplied with a GX16d Socket

    Additional Information

    UPC Code 675650000924
    Manufacturer Bulbamerica
    Color Silver
    Shape PAR64
    Length (in) 17.5
    Width (in) 9.25
    Height (in) 9.25
    Weight (lbs) 3.50
    Warranty 1- Year Manufacturer Warranty

    O CLAMP - DJ & Stage Lighting Heavy Duty Mounting O Clamps for Stand and Truss
    Quantity: 8

    Product Description

    O CLAMP - DJ & Stage Lighting Heavy Duty Mounting O Clamp

    The "O clamps" are used to securely mount your lights with the heavy duty 360 degree wrap around tube o clamp.
    The O clamps are made of molded plastic to protect your lighting fixture from scrachings. 
    An o clamps can be used on a truss with a diameter of 1.5 or 2 inches (if you remove the 0.5 inch adapter).
    This O-Clamp is designed for a maximum load of 60 lbs and is a great choice for mobile applications.

    - removable adapter to be converted from 1.5 in to 2 in. size,
    - great for the LTS06 - 9 ft Lighting Stand, LTS01 - 12 Ft. Lighting Stand and LTS31 & LTS31C Truss Systems,
    - Non-scuffing,
    - Non-scratching,
    - Non-scoring,
    - Non-denting,

    Additional Information

    UPC Code 675650000702
    Manufacturer Optima Lighting
    Length (in) 4.5
    Height (in) 2.25
    Width (in) 3.75
    Weight (lbs) .55

    PLATINUM 500w 120v PAR64 WFL Par Can Bulb
    Quantity: 8

    Product Description

    This Platinum 500 watt PAR64 Par can bulb is a wide flood with a beam angle of 42. It has a base of GX16d mogul end prong, a color temperature of 2850k and a lumen of 6500. Its diameter is 8 inches, maximum overall length is 6 inches and the filament is CC-13. This Platinum 500 watt PAR64 Par can bulb is a reflector, has a voltage of 120 and is an Incandescent bulb.

    Additional Information

    UPC Code 675650000177
    Manufacturer Platinum
    Base GX16d Mogul End Prong
    Beam Angle (deg.) 42
    Beam Spread Wide Flood WFL
    Bulb Type Incandescent Bulbs
    Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
    Color Temperature (K) 2850K
    Diameter (in) 8
    Filament CC-13
    Lamp Finish Reflector
    Luminous Flux (LM) 6500
    Maximum Overall Length (in) 6
    Rated Life (Hours) 2000
    Shape PAR64
    Voltage (V) 120V
    Wattage (W) 500W

    OPTIMA LIGHTING PRO Crank-Up Truss System Heavy Duty Lighting Stand
    Quantity: 1

    Product Description

    Specifications: - Optima Lighting High Tech Professional Truss System with Crank-Up - Extremely strong for heavier loads of lighting (No sagging) - Quick Release pins for easy assembly (no need for clamps) - Mounting holes to bolt lighting directly to truss - Easy to assemble and take down System Includes: - 2x Crank-2 stands - 2x Dura Truss 5-foot sections

    Additional Information

    UPC Code 675650000603
    Manufacturer Optima Lighting
    Maximum Weight Load (lbs) 220
    Shape Crank-Up Truss System
    Warranty 6-months Manufacturer warranty

    MATRIX DMX 4ch. Double Output Dimmer Pack
    Quantity: 2

    Product Description

    The unit is 1, 2, or 4-channel MATRIX DMX DIMMER pack. This pack can serve as a stand-alone chaser or a DMX dimmer pack. This pack is designed for zero-crossing circuitry, which protects against inductive loads. Each channel comes with two 3-prong Edison sockets for USA or IEC sockets for Europe. This unit features XLR female and male connection for DMX compatibility. Each channel is Equipped with a fuse, the Max.

    Features - Output: 4.5Amp per channel, True 15Amp. Maximum 
    - Mode button - this button will change the power packs operate mode between DMX and chaser.
    - Menu button - this button will activate the different functions in DMX and chase modes.
    - Up button - this button will increase the displayed value in the LCD display.
    - Down button - this button will decrease the displayed value in the LCD display.
    - Power output - 3 prong grounded Edison output sockets or 8 total output sockets.
    - Green LED indicators - these LED will indicate their relevant channel activity.
    - LED display - this multifunction display will detail all chase and pro-creativity that pertains to the current operating to the current operating mode of the pack.
    - Channel fuses - each of the four channels is protected by 10A (120V) or 6.3A(230V) fuse. These fuses prevent you from overloading and damaging your pack. Be sure to always replace with the exact same type fuse.
    - Power switch - this switch controls the unit’s main power.
    - Power cord - plug this cord into a matching power supply for your area.
    - DMX input - this connector accepts your DMX input signal.
    - DMX output - this connector sends your DMX input signal through to the next DMX device.
    - 5 ft. power cord

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Optima Lighting
    Number of channels 4 channels
    Protocol DMX
    Voltages (V) 120/230V 50~60Hz
    Power up to 500W per channel, 15Amp total load
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer warranty

    Additional Information

    KIT SKU 1445
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