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    The Compact Fluorescent bulb (cfl) is a fluorescent tube bulb with integrated electric ballast in the lamp base.
    CFLs bulbs are four times more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent light bulb.
    The Screw-In Compact Fluorescent bulbs comes with standard sockets for easy installation in most household applications and are available in a variety of styles or shapes.
    Some have two, four, or six tubes. Others have circular or spiral-shaped tubes.
    The most common household CFL bulbs includes the following shapes:

    Spiral CFL Bulbs

    Spiral CFL

    the spiral CFL bulbs are designed with a continuous tube in a spiral shape and have similar outside shape and light output equivalent to the standard incandescent bulb. Spiral CFL bulbs are available in different wattages and sizes to fit most common fixtures. 

    Triple or Quad Tube Lamps

    triple tube cfl

    These CFLs have triple or quad turn tubes which generates more light in a shorter bulb. They pack high light output into a very small space and can be used in fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs, such as table lamps, reading lamps, open hanging lamps, and bare bulb applications. 

    Standard (A-Shape) CFL

    A-Shape CFL

    Standard CFL bulbs also named A-Shape or pear sahep bulbs are spiral CFL lamps covered by a glass dome and fitted with a standard base which fits common lamp sockets. This design is very similar in appearance and light output to the traditional bulb. The glass diffuser provides a quality of light similar to the 'soft-white' type of incandescent bulbs. 

    Globe CFL Bulbs

    Globe CFL

    Globe CFL bulba are commonly used in bathroom vanity mirrors or open hanging lamps, and bare bulb applications. The CFL globe will reduce this heat buildup while saving energy. The glass diffuser provides a soft-white light. 

    Flood CFL Bulbs

    Flood CFL

    The Flood CFL bulbs are designed for recessed and track lighting fixtures, indoors and outdoors. Some Comapct Fluorescent floodlights can even be used in dimming aplication. CFL flood light bulbs can now directly replace traditional Incandescent and halogen floodlights. The main flood lights CFL shapes are: R20 and R25 CFL bulbs, R30 or BR30 CFL bulbs, PAR30 CFL bulbs, PAR38 CFL Bulbs and R40 and BR40 CFL Bulbs

    Candelabra CFL Bulbs

    Candelabra CFL

    The screw-in torpedo-shape and the small-base of this bulb is designed for smaller light fixtures throughout the house, from chandeliers to sconces. To use a smaller candelabra-based bulb in a regular socket, you can use a socket reducer.


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