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    FEIT Electric


    Feit Electric is a key innovator in environmentally friendly lighting technologies. Feit Electric’s CFL replacement bulbs have been celebrated for their excellent performance and their identical appearance and dimensions to their halogen and incandescent counterparts. This ensures that they will fit your existing lamps and fixtures perfectly. Feit Electric offers a comprehensive catalog of CFL bulbs available in the most popular styles including twists, dimmable CFLs, A shape, R shape, globe shape, candelabra, B shape, MR16, and more.

     Why go with "Feit Electric" CFLs? Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are widely used because they are, economical, durable, and are available in wide variety of bulb shapes and color temperatures. Together, these factors make Feit Electric’s CFL bulbs great choices for businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, and other spaces. CFL bulbs excel in general illumination applications because of the diffuse quality of light they produce. Therefore, Feit Electric CFLs are especially well suited to replace halogen and incandescent PAR, BR, and R bulbs used in flood lighting, which contribute substantial amounts of heat and consume large amounts of electricity.

     Feit Electric is not only an innovator in CFL. Feit Electric has an extensive catalog of super efficient LED light bulbs for the home, garden, and business. LED light bulbs are a highly versatile alternative light source for halogen, incandescent, and even CFL bulbs. LED light bulbs offer more efficient performance than CFL light bulbs without the trace amounts of mercury, making them a better lighting option for the environment. Feit Electric offers LED replacement light bulbs for flame twist, for GU10 bulbs, MR16s, and PAR 20 bulbs. Flame twists, GU10s, MR16s, and PAR20s are often used for general illumination purposes and for extended periods of time, therefore providing consumers with significant energy saving potential. Feit Electric LED light bulbs also light up instantly and have a cool beam of light, meaning that your room is bright as soon as you hit the switch and stays cool.

     In addition to their energy saving CFL and LED light bulbs, Feit Electric offers a wide range of halogen and incandescent bulbs for consumers who do not want to part with these classic light sources. Feit Electric’s catalog halogen and incandescent catalog spans the entire range of light bulbs for home and business. Burn bright with Feit Electric.

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