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    GE Bulbs

    GE is one of the foremost producers of light bulbs and lamps in the world and provides lighting products for nearly ever application including home & garden, automobile, marine, aviation, photographic, display, museum, hotels, restaurants, and many more. "GE bulbs" are offered in numerous shapes including MR16, all PAR sizes, B10, flame, AR111, G shape, and many, many more. GE Bulbs Constant Color and Reveal lines and other halogen light bulbs and lamps are an industry favorite for their excellent performance and superior color quality. GE lighting products are ideal for decorative lighting for use in chandeliers, sconces, bathroom fixtures, anywhere else.  C9, Crystallite, flame, flame twist, and Prismlite bulbs are especially popular shapes for GE decorative bulbs and can be found anywhere where both the bulb and the light the bulb produces are important decorative features. In addition to bulbs and lamps for the home or business, GE bulbs are one of the most commonly used brands in automobile lighting. GE lamps are used for fog lights, standard headlamps, daytime running lights, tail lights, glove compartment bulbs, under hood bulbs, directional signals, and much more.  GE bulbs are one of the most commonly found brands on aircraft, trains, and ships throughout the world.

    GE Light Bulbs

    For CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent) many consumers turn to GE bulbs for their performance and light quality.CFL bulbs from GE use up to 75% less energy than conventional halogen and incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. For GE bulbs, equivalent wattages of CFL bulbs for halogen bulbs are determined simply by dividing the wattage of the incandescent bulb you are currently using by four. A 60W bulb, for example, will use a 13W to 15W CFL bulb. CFL GE bulbs are Energy Star certified meaning that they have been tested for outstanding efficiency, long life, flicker-free performance, range of bulb shapes and sizes, and color rendering (CRI). The quality of GE bulbs is apparent in the fact that most GE bulbs in their product line feature the Energy Star Seal of approval. In short, GE’s range of products offers unbeatable options in shape, wattage, voltage, and quality; giving consumers the bulbs they need.

    Make BulbAmerica your one stop shop for all of your light bulb needs. Our catalog of GE bulbs and other GE lighting products and our competitive prices make us unbeatable!

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