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    GE 26w R40 E26 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

    GE 26w R40 E26 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

    Product Review (submitted on March 1, 2012):
    While these bulbs are 'dimmable', the description is debatable. I was trying to replace a bunch of dimmable 65watt incandescent recessed lights.

    Out of the box, it was obvious they wouldn't fit in a normal recessed fixture. They stuck out the bottom of the fixture by about 2 inches, whereas the old bulbs were set nicely back.

    Then I tried to dim them. Normal incandescents dim WAY down, to a nice 'mood lighting' level, around 10-20% intensity. On the lowest dim setting, these CFLs were still around 70% intensity. CFLs offer a great chance to save a ton of money and energy, but the manufacturers aren't doing them any favors by selling sub-par products like these bulbs.
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