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    Guide to Halogen Bulbs Shapes

    Halogen Lamps are high pressure tungsten filament lamps containing halogen gases. The halogen gases allow the filaments to operate at higher efficacies than incandescent lamps. Halogen lamps also provide brighter, whiter light with better color characteristics, longer service life and improved energy efficiency compared with incandescent light bulb.

    Halogen lamps are generally of the “lamp within a lamp” design. The outer “lamp” or jacket is made from a heavy walled borosilicate glass. The inner “lamp” is the tungsten halogen capsule that is made from either glass or quartz and contains a filament, lead wires and a halogen gas mixture.

    The shape and size of a bulb is designated by a letter (or letters) followed by a number that indicate the maximum diameter of the bulb in eight of an inch.
    For example:

    T10 tubular bulb

    DIA = 10 / 8 = 1.25 in

    A19 A-Shape (pear bulb)

    DIA = 19 / 8 = 2.37 in

    PAR38 Bulb

    DIA = 38 / 8 = 4.75 in

    PAR64 Bulb

    DIA = 64 / 8 = 8.00 in

    T10 Size A19 shize PAR38 size PAR64 Size



    The following illustrations show some of the most popular halogen bulb shapes:

    Halogen A-Shape
    Halogen Globe Shape
    Halogen BT TB
    Halogen Chandelier
    Halogen Double-ended
    Halogen Bi-pin
    Halogen HPL
    Halogen MR16
    Halogen MR14
    Halogen PAR14
    Halogen PAR16
    Halogen GU10
    Halogen PAR20
    Halogen PAR30
    Halogen PAR30LN
    Halogen PAR36
    Halogen PAR38
    Halogen PAR46
    Halogen PAR56
    Halogen PAR64
    Halogen AR70
    Halogen AR111
    Halogen DC Bayonet
    Halogen Mini Candelabra
    Halogen Tubular
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