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    Dimmable CFLs: Are they Really a Bright Idea?

    As CFLs storm the lighting world,

    Tags: dimmable cfl energy saving ge incandescent sun lite ushio

    Say Goodnight to Odor with Compact Fluorescent Light

    Air purifiers a great way to

    Tags: cfls o-zonelite odor eliminating bulbs sunlinte

    In the Spotlight #7: Choosing the Right CFL Shape

    As CFLs become the go-to replacement

    Tags: a-shape cfl cfl shapes lighting guide mini-twist quad tube triple tube

    CFL Retrofits Hit a Home Run in Home Lighting

    Compact fluorescent light (CFLs)

    Tags: br (bulge reflector) shape cfl dimmable cfls par38 cfl r (reflector) shape

    Cold Cathode Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Getting the Green Light for Environmentally Friendly Lighting

    In the past, cold cathode compact

    Tags: cfl cold cathode cfl dimmers display lighting leds

    Compact Flourescents, LEDs, and the Search for Greener Lighting

    Recently great progress has

    Tags: american dj candelabra bulbs cfl bulbs chauvet led bulbs led lighting optima lighting par cans

    The Future Looks Bright with T8 and T5 Fluorescent Tube Lights

    Fluorescent tube lights have long

    Tags: ballasts energy efficient fluorescent tube lights t5 t8

    Dress Up Your Home or Restaurant with CFL Globe and Candelabra Light Bulbs

    Globe and candelabra style light

    Tags: candelabra cfl globe home lighting incandescent restaurant lighting sconces chandeliers

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