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    Giving Your Foyer the Green Light with CFLs and LEDs

    The foyer of your home or business is an important lighting location. You want your foyer to be inviting and attractive, but also be adequately lit so it is safe. Now that there are so many options for environmentally friendly lighting, I figured it may be helpful to provide some ideas of how to light your home or business’ foyer with these green lighting solutions. With that in mind, let’s get started. In general, foyers have a number of basic lighting elements: a ceiling light source of some sort, track or recessed lights for accent lighting, sconces or other fixtures for the hall, and other options for stairs, etc. The most basic lighting element for your foyer is a ceiling light source that will provide general illumination in the form of perhaps a chandelier or pendant light. Chandeliers and pendant lights typically use any number of 40w to 100w A-shape or candelabra bulbs. CFLs are offered in most shapes that incandescent bulbs are and typically use about a quarter of the wattage that incandescent lamps do while producing little to no heat. CFLs are available in numerous color temperatures and have a diffuse light quality, make them ideal in this application.

    For track lighting you want a fairly directional bulb to provide adequate accents and highlighting. In this application I would either go with a low voltage MR16 or 7w MR16 CFL with a GU10 base. Though the 7w CFL is obviously more energy efficient, some people prefer low voltage MR16s. This is a matter of taste. By using track lighting you can draw attention to a piece of art or a planting, and if your foyer is for a business it can draw attention to important information like a sign that indicates customers should fill out paperwork. For sconces or wall fixtures, I would again go with a CFL. The shape and wattage of the CFL would depend on whether bulb would be exposed or not, and how far apart my sconces are. If your bulb is exposed you’ll want to choose a candelabra or bullet shaped bulb and sconces distances will influence how much wattage you require per bulb.

    More so in homes than businesses, stair cases are an integral part of the foyer. In a stair case you generally want a recessed light over each landing, if you have more than one, as well as wall fixtures or sconces mounted intermittently to guarantee visibility. LED strips lights are personal favorite of mine for stair case lighting. Try mounting these adhesive LED strips below the railing or right above the stair and you will have an attractive lighting effect that maximizes visibility and staircase safety.
    I hope this article was helpful and has left you with some ideas for your foyer. Please comment or post questions on our or our Facebook or call 1-877-622-0897 for further help. Good luck!
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