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    The MSD250: The Best Lamp for Entertainment Lighting

    The MSD250 is one of the most

    Tags: american dj elation hid msd250 osram platinum replacement bulbs silver

    In the Spot Light #4: Low Pressure Versus High Pressure Sodium Lamps

    In the next installment of my

    Tags: commercial lighting hid high pressure sodium horticultural lighting low pressure sodium

    In the Spotlight#5: Mercury Vapor Lamps

    Today’s article will be

    Tags: guide to mercury vapor lamps hid mercury vapor lamps short arc lamps

    GE's Lucalox Horticultrual Lamps Revolutionize Greenhouse Lighting

    With the green revolution taking

    Tags: ge lucalox lamps hid horticultural lamps

    In the Spotlight #6: Metal Halide Miscellany

    Lately I have been fielding a

    Tags: ceramic hid metal halide probe start pulse start quartz

    GE's CMH Bulbs: Bright Light Done Right

    The search for environmentally

    Tags: ge hid metal halide par20 cmh

    HID Bulbs: More Than Just a Bright Idea

    A Purdue University land-use

    Tags: hid high pressure sodium home & garden light bulbs low pressure sodium mercury vapor metal halide out door lighting

    Xenon Bulbs: A Powerful Lighting Option

    With a patient’s life on

    Tags: automobile lighting hid medical lighting scientific lighting ushio xenon bulbs

    In the Spotlight #2: Metal Halide HID Lamps

    This article is the second in

    Tags: 74.5 bd17 ed28 hid metal halide mogul base rx7s rsc screwbase

    In the Spotlight #8: Ceramic Light Bulbs

    In order for light bulbs and lighting

    Tags: ceramic bulbs hid medical lighting metal halides xenon bulbs

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