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    DMX or XLR: A Take on the Great Cable Debate

    One of the most troublesome and

    Tags: church production dj lighting dmx cables led par cans moving heads xlr cables

    Sterile Light and Toxic Fright: A Look at the CFL Myths

    Compact fluorescent light (CFL)

    Tags: a-shape bullet candelabras cfls globes incandescent bulbs mini-twist mr16 par cans twist

    High/Low Pressure Sodium Lamps and Xenon Short Arc Lamps: A Guide for the Perplexed

    To a person who has never seen

    Tags: hid high pressure sodium bulbs incandescent bulbs low pressure sodium bulbs xenon short arc

    In the Spotlight #1: Candlepower Versus Lumens

    When looking at the specifications

    Tags: candle power flashlights floods lumens spotlights

    Giving Your Foyer the Green Light with CFLs and LEDs

    The foyer of your home or business

    Tags: candelabra home lighting guide led strip lights mr16 gu10

    Let Your Bedroom Shine with CFL and LED Lighting

    The bedroom demands a unique

    Tags: bedroom lighting bullet shape cfl r30 cfls dimmers guide led tap lights r40

    In the Spotlight #6: Lumens, Luminous Flux, and Luminance

    Recently a customer asked what

    Tags: lumens luminance luminous flux technical article

    Light for Fright on Halloween Night!

    “Boo” can be something

    Tags: american dj elation flash robe fog cooler halloween lighting haze machine optima's iled 30 washes osram's led tap lights

    CFLs and LEDs Take the A-Shape Bulb By Storm

    The A-shape incandescent bulb

    Tags: a-shape cfls dj effects leds medical bulbs retrofit

    In the Spotlight #9: An Introduction to Aviation Lighting

    Though lighting is often taken

    Tags: aviation lighting hids leds low pressure sodium metal halide pars

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