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    Timers and Wall Dimmers: Bright Ideas for Green Ligthing

    Today, homeowners and business

    Tags: accessories cfl cold cathod cfl halogen led light bulbs sunlite t500 timers wall dimmers

    The People vs. LEDs: A Technology on Trial

    On September 8, the New York Times

    Tags: cfl leds new york times

    Halogen Bulbs: Burning Bright and White for All Your Needs

    Halogen bulbs have long been popular

    Tags: automobile lighting cfl halogen home lighting incandescent leds light bulbs mr16 outdoor lighting

    Color Temperature: A Guide for the Perplexed

    If you have ever read anything

    Tags: cfl color temperature fluorescent leds stage lighting

    In the Spotlight #9: Flood Lighting

    Exterior lighting for your home

    Tags: cfl flood lighting halogen incandescent led lighting guide pars

    CFL Retrofits Hit a Home Run in Home Lighting

    Compact fluorescent light (CFLs)

    Tags: br (bulge reflector) shape cfl dimmable cfls par38 cfl r (reflector) shape

    Cold Cathode Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Getting the Green Light for Environmentally Friendly Lighting

    In the past, cold cathode compact

    Tags: cfl cold cathode cfl dimmers display lighting leds

    Dress Up Your Home or Restaurant with CFL Globe and Candelabra Light Bulbs

    Globe and candelabra style light

    Tags: candelabra cfl globe home lighting incandescent restaurant lighting sconces chandeliers

    Energy Saving Tips: Lighting

    Indoor LightingIncreasing your

    Tags: bulbs cfl compact fluorescent incandescent indoor lighting outdoor

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