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    The World Cup Lights Up with Osram's LEDs

    The World Cup soccer stadiums

    Tags: cfls fluorescent hid leds light bulbs osram outdoor lighting t5 t8 world cup

    Griven Promotional Projectors Bring Your Venue To Life

    Promotional projectors are great

    Tags: griven hid metal halide lamps osram outdoor lighting philips promotional projectors

    The MSD250: The Best Lamp for Entertainment Lighting

    The MSD250 is one of the most

    Tags: american dj elation hid msd250 osram platinum replacement bulbs silver

    Ushio's EmArc Lamps: A Revolution in HID Technology

    There are numerous types of high

    Tags: emarc series hid light bulbs medical lighting scientific lighting smr 201 200w ushio xenon

    Photographers Choose CFLs for their Studio Lighting

    Continuous lighting in a photography

    Tags: cfls feit electric ge hid incandescent mini-twists osram philips platinum studio lighting sunlite triple tube twists ushio

    Sterilization Bulbs Eliminate Bacteria With the Flip of a Switch

    Germicidal lamps are an essential

    Tags: fluorescent lamps ge germicidal lamps hid sterilization lamps ushio uv light

    High/Low Pressure Sodium Lamps and Xenon Short Arc Lamps: A Guide for the Perplexed

    To a person who has never seen

    Tags: hid high pressure sodium bulbs incandescent bulbs low pressure sodium bulbs xenon short arc

    In the Spot Light #4: Low Pressure Versus High Pressure Sodium Lamps

    In the next installment of my

    Tags: commercial lighting hid high pressure sodium horticultural lighting low pressure sodium

    In the Spotlight#5: Mercury Vapor Lamps

    Today’s article will be

    Tags: guide to mercury vapor lamps hid mercury vapor lamps short arc lamps

    LED Technology Provides Lighting Solutions on the Street and in the Home

    It is widely known in the lighting

    Tags: hid high pressure sodium street lights led streetlights leds

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