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    PAR Cans, Fresnels, and Ellipsoidals, Oh My!: A Guide to Stage Lighting Fixtures

    When selecting luminaires for

    Tags: concert lighting ellipsoidals fresnels gels gobos led par cans stage lighting theatre

    The Time for Change Has Come: RGB LED Color Changers

    Platinum has

    Tags: gu10 led mr16 packages par16 platinum rgb color changing

    Let There Be Light!: A PAR Can Guide for Your House of Worship

    Recently the house of worship

    Tags: color gels fog machine house of worship incandescent led par cans trusses

    Timers and Wall Dimmers: Bright Ideas for Green Ligthing

    Today, homeowners and business

    Tags: accessories cfl cold cathod cfl halogen led light bulbs sunlite t500 timers wall dimmers

    Chauvet's Wondrous Wall: The DVM-HR

    LEDs technology has revolutionized

    Tags: chauvet dvm-hr led

    Chauvet Heads for the Endzone in New Orleans

    Earlier this week the New Orleans

    Tags: chauvet colorado 1 par event lighting led led panels par cans

    The Stage in a Whole New Light: LED Par Cans

      In a recent

    Tags: controllers gels halogen hid led led bulbs light bulb optima par 64 led par cans stage lighting

    Followspots: Make Your Performance Stand Out Today

    The followspot is an essential

    Tags: ellipsoidals follow spots fresnels halogen led par cans time square lighting

    Has Your Lighting Hit a Wall? The Coloray LED Wall Wash and Driver Are Here to Help


    Tags: architectural lighting coloray dmx controller led optima stage lighting wash

    In the Spotlight #9: Flood Lighting

    Exterior lighting for your home

    Tags: cfl flood lighting halogen incandescent led lighting guide pars

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