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    Griven Lights Up in India and Across the Globe

    The Sat-Chit-Anand

    Tags: eiffel tower fixtures gobos griven leds outdoor color changers outdoor lighting projectors

    A Lighting Guide for Your Church on the Go

    In the July issue of Church Production

    Tags: church lighting controllers ellipsoidal house of worship led par cans leds optima par cans stage lighting stands truss

    New Labeling for Light Bulb Packaging in 2011

    By mid-year 2011, the Federal

    Tags: color temperature evironmentally friendly green leds light bulb

    The World Cup Lights Up with Osram's LEDs

    The World Cup soccer stadiums

    Tags: cfls fluorescent hid leds light bulbs osram outdoor lighting t5 t8 world cup

    Taking Control of Your Lighting System

    The controller is the brain of

    Tags: church lighting controllers dj lighting leds optima stage lighting sweetlight usb

    LED Flood Lights: A Perfect Fit for Environmentally Friendly Lighting

    As the demands for environmentally

    Tags: cool beam display lighting flood lights green lighting halogen incandescent leds osram retail lighting

    JDR MR16s: A Great Bulb for Display

    The JDR MR16 is a popular type

    Tags: display lighting halogen bulbs jdr mr16 leds mr16 platinum sunlite

    LEDs Proves a Viable Lighting Option for Industrial Applications

    LED lighting technology is revolutionizing

    Tags: a-shape cfls commercial lighting globe leds

    LEDs on the Seas: LEDs Become a Staple Light Source for Cruise Ships

    In back to back issues of Lighting

    Tags: ellipsoidals leds marine lighting pars theatre lighting

    The World's Largest LED Screen is on Display in Shanghai

    The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai,

    Tags: consumer led dj effects led panels leds

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