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    DMX or XLR: A Take on the Great Cable Debate

    One of the most troublesome and

    Tags: church production dj lighting dmx cables led par cans moving heads xlr cables

    Elation Beam Design Moving Heads: Moving and Turning Heads Like None Other

    As moving head

    Tags: design beam elation moving heads

    Israeli Opera Puts Up Nabucco at Masada

    In the August

    Tags: controllers ellipsoidals moving heads outdoor lighting par cans

    The Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour Lights Up with Video and Moving Heads

    “Don’t Drink the Water”?

    Tags: concert lighting controllers dave matthews band moving heads strobes video walls

    Daft Punk Comes Alive with Moving Heads and Strobes

    Some things you

    Tags: daft punk led tube lights moving heads philips msr lamps strobes

    Cirque du Soleil: Balancing Acrobatics on Beams of Light

    The Cirque du

    Tags: beam projectors cirque du soleil moving heads scanners

    Exit Light, Enter Night: Metallica's Concert Lighting Keeps the Heavy Metal Light

    I was thinking about my favorite

    Tags: controllers metallica moving heads spotlights trusses

    Moving Heads or Simply Head Aches? On Moving Heads and HOW Lighting

    In the summer issue of Worship

    Tags: gobos hid incandescent intelligent lighting led moving heads spot wash

    Pinspots: A Guide for the Perplexed

    Pinspots are a common luminaire

    Tags: american dj chauvet led pinspot moving heads par36 pinspot pinspot 360

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