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    A Lighting Guide for Your Church on the Go

    In the July issue of Church Production

    Tags: church lighting controllers ellipsoidal house of worship led par cans leds optima par cans stage lighting stands truss

    PAR Cans, Fresnels, and Ellipsoidals, Oh My!: A Guide to Stage Lighting Fixtures

    When selecting luminaires for

    Tags: concert lighting ellipsoidals fresnels gels gobos led par cans stage lighting theatre

    Taking Control of Your Lighting System

    The controller is the brain of

    Tags: church lighting controllers dj lighting leds optima stage lighting sweetlight usb

    Out of the Fog: A Fog Machine Guide for the Perplexed

    Fog machines have long been one

    Tags: dj effects elation fog juice fog machines laser effects stage lighting

    HPL Lamps: A BrightLighting Option for TV and Film Production

    High performance lighting (HPL)

    Tags: ellipsoidal etc halogen lighting hpl bulb source four stage lighting tv production

    LED Strobe Lights: An Essential Effect for the DJ on the Go

    Strobe lights

    Tags: dj lighting effects dmx flash shot leds. american dj stage lighting strobe lights

    Take a Stand for Great Lighting With a Tripod Stand or Truss System

    Many mobile lighting systems utilize

    Tags: crank system portable trusses stage lighting stand truss

    Elation's Opti30 UV: Turning Out the Lights on the Black Light Competition

    If you’ve been to a club

    Tags: elation opti30uv fluorescent black lights stage lighting uv light

    Elation's Design Brick 70: Paint the Night with Light

    Elation always

    Tags: design brick 70 elation flicker free stage lighting

    The Stage in a Whole New Light: LED Par Cans

      In a recent

    Tags: controllers gels halogen hid led led bulbs light bulb optima par 64 led par cans stage lighting

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