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    1. Chrome LED flashlight

      SUNLITE Chrome Flashlight 3AA Baterry with 6 LED

      FL3AALED6, 1.5V FL3AA 6LED, Chrome Flashlight Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : 51960

      List Price: $28.73

      Our Price: $14.73

      Buy As Low As: $13.26

    2. SUNLITE 1.5V FL3D 12LED, Black Flashlight

      SUNLITE 1.5V FL3D 12LED, Black Flashlight

      FL3DLED12, 1.5V FL3D 12LED, Black & Silver Flashlight Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : 51970

      List Price: $59.99

      Our Price: $31.54

      Buy As Low As: $28.51

    3. Verilux Page Light Natural Spectrum Flat Panel Book Light

      Verilux Page Light Natural Spectrum Flat Panel Book Light

      Verilux PageLight Natural Spectrum Flat Panel Book Light with excellent black and white contrast, dimmer switch for adjustable light, up to 50 hours of reading Learn More
      5 5/5 1
      1 Review(s)
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : VB04WG4

      List Price: $29.95

      Our Price: $19.95

    Items 51 to 53 of 53 total

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    Features That Your CONSUMER LED Must Have

    People who think that lighting instruments are only needed by firms looking to market their products or entertainment companies for shows and plays are limited in their thinking because lighting is something that is a major aspect of everyday life today. CONSUMER LED instruments or devices are used by people for a wide variety of purposes ranging from giving their swimming pools that perfect and shimmering illumination to something as simple as having light at hand in wild places in the form of a torch. If you are about to buy some kind of a CONSUMER LED device then you need to make sure that you buy one that is suitable for the application that you want it for. Consider the following three major applications and the features that such devices need to have.

    1.  Underwater CONSUMER LED:  
    One of the most popular applications of these types of LED devices is in swimming pools. Swimming pools that are lit from underwater are lit with LED devices that have the following qualities:

    a.   High luminous intensity output:  
    Water has the ability to subdue light which is why these devices need to have a high luminous intensity output so as to be able to illuminate from under the water.

    b.  High energy efficiency:  
    Low standard underwater LED devices would provide the aforementioned high luminous intensity but would do so through a lot of energy consumption. Alternatively, high class CONSUMER LED devices would achieve the required levels of luminous intensity while also providing high energy efficiency.

    c.   Cool beam of light:  
    As the LED fixture will be installed underwater it cannot be a heat generating fixture. Instead, the beam of light that it will produce would have to be devoid of all heat. As is obvious, this is required because if the light fixture generates heat then the water in the swimming pool also becomes hot, whether required or not.

    2.  Portable CONSUMER LED:  
    Portable LED devices are, basically, the modern versions of the conventional concept of a torch. The application of these devices is the same as the conventional torches, which means that they need to conform to the following requirements:

    a.   Durability:  
    Like anything that is portable, CONSUMER LED torches would also have to be able to deal with a lot of abuse. Most portable devices and instruments see a lot of movement and a lot of scrapes and scratches as well. This means that the devices need to be strong and sturdy or, in a nutshell, just durable.

    b.  Shock resistance:  
    In addition to scrapes and scratches, portable LED torches would need to be resistant to shock because they can fall from their owners' hands or bounce around in the car's boot.

    c.   Energy efficiency:  
    Finally, these CONSUMER LED torches should be able to create a good amount of light without costing the owner a mini fortune in battery costs.

    The aforementioned two types of CONSUMER LED instruments are the two ends of the spectrum that exist in the type of CONSUMER LED devices available in the market. Still, the qualities should cover most types of LED devices.

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