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    Metal Halide

    Metal halide lamps are among the most popular light sources and are used in diverse applications including museum lighting, stage & studio lighting, cinema projection, general illumination, commercial lighting, and more. These lamps are a sub-family of the HID lamp family and create light in the same way as other HID bulbs do, but feature additional metal halide salts which vaporized produce better color rendering when vaporized. Unlike high and low pressure sodium lamps and mercury vapor lamps, (metal halide lamps) can come close to approximating daylight color temperatures, allowing them to be in areas where color is essential. In addition to their color rendering, Metal halide lamps are popular because of their compact quartz envelopes, making them ideal for uses in MR16s, single-ended, and LOK-IT lamps in stage & studio and effect lighting. Like HID bulbs in general, the breadth of application more metal halide lamps means that they are offered in a variety of color temperatures from around 2,000K to 20,000K. Metal halide bulbs are quickly becoming the lamp of choice in intelligent lighting units because of their powerful light and durability. No matter what your metal halide lamp needs are we have the one for you and at an unbeatable price. Check us out.

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