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    Performing around 100 lumens/watt, the high pressure sodium bulb is one of the most efficient lamps available. The high pressure sodium bulb is used in numerous applications including outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and horticultural lighting. For horticultural and hydroponic lighting in particular, the high pressure sodium bulb is popular because of its broad color temperature spectrum and high efficiency. HPS lamps are available in two major sub-families: double ended and screw-in base. Of the two, the more commonly used is the screw base high pressure sodium bulb, which typically features either an E26 medium screw or an E39 mogul screw. Like the other types of HID bulbs, the high pressure sodium bulb is a gas discharge lamp, meaning it produces light through the sustained excitation of the gasses inside the bulb’s envelope. HPS lamps require a ballast to supply and regulate the electrical current powering the bulb, so when replacing these bulbs consumers should make sure that the bulb they are selecting matches the existing ballast and other facets of their light system. Make us your one stop shop for all of your high pressure sodium bulb needs today!

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