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    Bulb America provides a wide variety of light bulbs for any industry including medical bulbs, dental bulbs, and diagnostic bulbs. All industries require light in order to function properly, and at Bulb America, we know that finding the right light bulb fast can help save valuable time and money.

    Some of our medical bulbs include:  fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, MR16 bulbs, mercury bulbs, quartz bulbs and xenon bulbs. We offer a variety of sterilization bulbs for germicide lamps including low pressure lamps. Likewise, within our dental bulbs, medical bulbs and diagnostic bulbs, we supply a variety of surgical and endoscope bulbs including MR bulbs

    If you have questions about our light bulbs or what kind of light bulbs are best for your needs including medical bulbs, dental bulbs and diagnostic bulbs, contact us.

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