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    1. 75623  JCD Light Bulb

      Feit Electric BPXN20/G8/3 Xenon 20-Watt, 120-Volt G8 Base - 3 Pack

      3 bulbs/ Pack - 20 watts 120 volts JCD G8 Bi-Pin base clear finish XENON halogen light bulb, 4000Hrs Life Learn More
      5 4.55/5 1
      4 Review(s)
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : BPXN20/G8/3

      List Price: $14.95

      Our Price: $8.95

    2. BP18XN Bulb

      Feit Electric BP18XN-12 18-Watt T5 Wedgebase Xenon Halogen Bulb, Clear

      Wedgebase XENON 18 watts 12 volts, 3000 hours average life, 250 lumens, Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : BP18XN-12

      List Price: $5.99

      Our Price: $3.95

    3. 75623  JCD Light Bulb

      FEIT 120v JCD G8 Bi-Pin Base Clear Finish Halogen 20w Bulbs

      20 watts 120 volts JCD G8 Bi-Pin base clear finish halogen light bulb Learn More
      5 4.75/5 1
      28 Review(s)
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : 75623

      List Price: $5.00

      Our Price: $2.98

      Special Price: $2.79

    3 Item(s)


    Why Miniature Lamps Do Not Mean Miniature Benefits

    Miniature lamps have become a very popular addition to homes when looking for style and a new concept to the existing lighting in the home. The correct lighting throughout the home is essential and will provide both function and style to every different area. Due to advances in technology the different lighting options are available in smaller unique designs.
    When considering what lighting to have in your home you will need to decide several different factors. Including where to have the miniature lamps positioned, what their function is and how easy it is to find the miniature bulbs to fit. Although there are more shops and manufacturers of the miniature lamps, you have to consider the accessories for them.
    If the miniature lamps are to be used as a functional purpose as well as a stylish accessory, you will need to consider the wattage of the bulbs. Although smaller lamps take up far less space, there is no need to compromise on quality. You can find some very affordable, stylish options in unique sizes to guarantee that you have a lamp for your room.
    Choosing the right miniature bulbs is essential to complete the whole look and feel in the room. Although they are smaller, they can still provide enough light for you to work, read, or relax within the room. When you combine the correct bulb with the ideal miniature lamps and surrounding decor, you will create the perfect ambience. At one time, big was always seen as beautiful, however, small is becoming the better feature to have.
    Finding the ideal place to position the miniature lamps is essential to ensure that it can be used easily and provide the adequate lighting for your needs. If the lighting in your home is positioned correctly, it can make the whole room look and feel very different. The color that you choose for the miniature lamps will also make a difference to the light that is produced and feeling that is created. Every element of the lighting in your home plays a part in the overall ambience that is created.
    If you have space issues or are looking for lamps that are ideal for night reading alternatives, the miniature lamps are perfect. This style of lamp takes up very little space and is incredibly lightweight making them ideal to move around the house if needed. Although there are some great, affordable options for you to choose, if you want to spend more there are very stylish miniature lamps to choose.
    No matter what your budget and style is there are plenty of different options of both the lamps and miniature bulbs to choose. You will be able to create the ideal atmosphere for very little money, ensuring that every room in your house looks and feels great.

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