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    Whether consumers require display lighting for their family photographs at home or display lighting for the merchandise in their stores, the light source of choice is typically the MR-16. "MR16 bulbs" are known for their highly directional and focusable light and are a favorite among lighting designers and architects because they are small and can be used in a variety of fixtures. To accommodate the numerous fixtures they are compatible with, MR16s come in many widely used base types like GU10, GU5.3, GX5.3, and more. Furthermore, many of these bulbs are offered in versions with and without front glass (FG) and thus give consumers flexibility whether they are working with enclosed or open fixtures. Advances in reflector technology have also given consumers more multi-faceted reflector (MR) bulb options. MR-16s are offered typically in models with reflectors featuring either aluminized or dichroic reflector coatings. Aluminzied reflectors are common where heat dissipation is not as crucial and where a less focused light is not as need such as in certain projectors or lighting effect units. MR16s with dichroic coatings are used in many residential and display applications where light beam control and cool beam light are needed. Whatever your "MR16" needs are, we’ve got you covered so check out our huge selection today.

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