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    1. MR16 GX10 HID Bulb

      GE 20W C156/M156 MR16 GX10 HID Bulb

      GE 20Watts C156/M156 MR16 GX10 High Intensity Discharge light bulb indoor floodlight UV control open or enclosed fixtures 12,000 life hours
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      Manufacturer :
      SKU : 85110

      List Price: $94.72

      Our Price: $65.36

      Buy As Low As: $59.08

    2. 71490  M130 WFL40 Light Bulb

      GE 39W MR16 GX10 M130 CMH39MR16 Wide Flood Soft White HID Light Bulb

      GE Constant Color PulseArc Ceramic Metal Halide 39 watts M130 MR16 GX10 Base Wide Flood 40 degrees light bulb Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : 71490

      List Price: $89.99

      Our Price: $49.95

    Items 11 to 12 of 12 total

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    MR16 high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs are a powerful lighting option for indoor track lighting. With a rated life of 10,000hrs to 12,000hrs and an output of 1,000lm, HID MR16s produce plenty of light, a CRI rating of 81 to 92, and excellent lifespan. Recently, MR-16 bulb metal halides have been used by art museums across the United States due to their outstanding life hour ratings, CRI and efficiency. With their 3,000K and 4,000K color temperatures, our metal halide "MR-16 HID bulbs" are well suited for industrial, commercial, and other larger spaces where clear, crisp, and high-visibility light is required. These metal halide bulbs are available in 20-MR16 and 39-MR16 models, giving you the necessary wattage and versatility for whatever your existing lighting needs are. To cater to your existing fixtures, these MR16 bulbs feature a front glass and can therefore be safely used in either enclosed or open tracklighting, task, or recessed fixtures. These "metal halide MR16 bulbs" are ideal for consumers that require crystal clear light and who are tired of the continuous hassle of changing their burnt out MR16 halogen bulbs.

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