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    MATRIX DMX PRO 4 Channel Double Output Dimmer Pack

    MATRIX DMX PRO 4 Channel Double Output Dimmer Pack

    Product Review (submitted on July 2, 2011):
    I bought two of these dimmer packs in the spring of 2010. The metal mounting bracket is a lighter gauge steel than their less expensive model.

    After a few weeks of use one of the units developed an internal short where the cord enters the case. I believe this is because the box that the dimmer is sold in, is to small. The power cord is pinched at a sharp angle. E-bulb tech support had me ship it to them to be repaired.
    They shipped it back in the same small box.
    It also shorted out in the middle of a pre-rehearsal.
    E-Bulb sent me an advanced placed unit but one plug was broken.
    A new unit is on it's way.

    The feature I like the best with this dimmer is the ability to set a channel to a switch instead of a dimmer. I use this on effect lights that shouldn't be dimmer.

    I will be buying this dimmer from E-Bulb again.
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