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    1. Gobostorm Plus 575W

      Gobostorm Plus 575W

      fully weatherproofed outdoor use high power zoom optics gobo projector, DMX control on board, rotatable gobo wheel, eight color wheel, strobe/blackout-dimmer functions Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0468

      List Price: $8,980.00

      Our Price: $5,681.99

    2. Goboclip MK3 230V

      Goboclip MK3 230V

      It utilizes the CDM150 or HSD150 150W 6000-hour metal halide lamp to project a bright and accurate rendition of any graphic design or logo. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0436

      List Price: $2,250.95

      Our Price: $1,476.52

    3. Gobostorm 575W

      Gobostorm 575W

      fully weatherproofed (IP66) high power zoom gobo projector, DMX control on board, projection angle range can be extended by an optional zoom objective Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0466

      List Price: $5,185.25

      Our Price: $3,414.53

    4. Goboclip MK3 110V

      Goboclip MK3 110V

      it utilizes the CDM 150W or HSD150 6000-hour metal halide lamp to project a bright and accurate rendition of any graphic design or logo Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0437

      List Price: $2,499.95

      Our Price: $1,512.53

    4 Item(s)

    Characteristics of Good OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS

    Outdoor projection is one of the best ways to market something. Outdoor projections are visible in most high profile launches and events in the form of either established logos or some pattern specially designed for the event in question. The projections are done through OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS. Gobo here stands for the film or gel screen that contains the pattern that is to be projected. While the creative core of the whole process is the gel film or screen, the projectors can be called its functional core.

    This means that if you are planning to have major projections at some event and are looking to purchase OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS, then you need to do so with utmost deliberation and care. The following is a list of things that you should be looking for when selecting the right product from the multiple OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS available to you.

    1.  Resistant to the elements:  
    Like every other instrument or device that needs to be placed outside, OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS need to be resistant to natural elements like water, wind, heat and dust. While most outdoor projectors are resistant to the weather, what you need to check is the extent of this resistance. There are different ratings of weatherproof which you need to understand in order to make a good purchase.

    2.  Zoom facility:  
    Depending upon the exact configuration of the event or the marketing gimmick, the zoom facility becomes very important. This feature would allow you to zoom into the animation that you have created on the gobo and focus on the finer details for the crowds. It is worth mentioning that the zoom feature is not required always but can add a whole new dimension to the logo or animation being projected.

    3.  Angle modifications:  
    The situation of angle modification features is the same as the zoom facility in that it is not truly necessary but can make a huge difference in the quality of the project. Angle modifications would allow you to make the projection move around which would give the audience new perspectives to what you are trying to show to them. In simplest of words, angle modification can create the illusion of three dimensions.

    4.  Gobo options:  
    There are different types of gobos that people use with their projectors. Some commonly used gobo types include the metal gobo, the glass gobo or even dichroic filters. The simpler OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS would not be compatible with different types of gobos, while the more advanced versions would be able to deal with a wide variety.

    5.  Simple control mechanism:  
    Finally, the user interface of the OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS needs to be as simple as possible so as to even allow amateurs to operate the projector with minimal guidance. Failing this, you would find yourself limited in that you would be unable to use theOUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS without a technician around to operate it.

    As is evident from the above mentioned information, it can be said that while buying OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTORS may seem easy and simple, it is far from it because it requires careful analysis and evaluation.


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