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    PHILIPS EnduraLED 3.5W  BA12  E26 Dimmable Bent Tip Candle Light Bulb

    PHILIPS EnduraLED 3.5W BA12 E26 Dimmable Bent Tip Candle Light Bulb

    Product Review (submitted on October 13, 2011):
    This is a functional LED flame bulb that has a pleasing soft light quality. I have installed them in two 4 light antique ceiling fixtures and two wall sconces for a stairway. The ceiling fixtures previously had 60 watt incandescent bulbs in them; the sconces contained 7 watt flame CFLs. The LEDs put out the same or slightly more light than the CFLs, but have the advantage of instantly being at full intensity (a definite improvement). For the ceiling fixtures, the LEDs are not as bright as the 60 watt incandescent, but they are acceptable for the dining and living rooms where they are located. If you like extremely bright lighting, these would not do it on their own. However, they provide a moderate amount of pleasing light. In the living room, we still use the ceiling fixture in conjunction with floor lamps for reading or other detail tasks. I should also note that they are well designed in that the light radiates from the bulb 360 degrees (unlike most LEDs that project only light 180 degrees only). Unlike the CFLs, they seem to dim nicely also.

    Bottom line: at the time of this review, these are a good, functional choice with pleasing light (the best flame LED that I have been able to locate). They would not, however, be acceptable for bright light application needs such as the kitchen... even with a four light fixture. But, for applications requiring a moderate amount of light, they are a good choice and are a definite improvement over CFLs. In a perfect world, they would be less expensive and slightly brighter, but they are definitely acceptable as is.
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