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    PLATINUM 2 x Music LED Color Changer E27 Lamps With 1 x Wireless Remote

    PLATINUM 2 x Music LED Color Changer E27 Lamps With 1 x Wireless Remote

    Product Review (submitted on June 7, 2012):
    RE: The Platinum 2 X Music LED Changer E27
    I wanted to use at least two Par Cans for Karaoke Performers (Facing toward the performer - not just behind them).
    I first looked at LED (white) bulbs that sell in the popular department stores, (they were at least $30-$40.00 each).
    I then took a chance on ordering these little LED lights, I also ordered 2 Par 16 cans to put the lights in from BulbAmerica.
    I was really surprised how nice these lights work and have great color for a softer looking light.
    The REMOTE that comes with the 2X system works well - but read the instructions first - I didn't realize at first just how many variations (Color, Color Mixing, Flashing, and Sound Activation) could be done with these neat little LED light bulbs. I used the 2 of them on the "slow multi-color blend" about 8 to 12 feet back on each side of the Karaoke Area to highlight the Karaoke Performer(s). This setting was just what I was looking for - (I always hated it when Karaoke DJ's just have one or two "Blinking" lights to highlight the performer - which is really annoying to the Performer as well as the Audience - and blinking fast during a medium or slow song looks really stupid).
    I've found that a low level - steady light or multi-color fades (different colors fading slowly into each other) make a professional stage appearance and is really pleasing to the eyes; not to mention that these little LED Bulbs in a Par 16 don't take up too much room and are easy to carry around to different DJ/KJ jobs. Once you make your adjustments - they go through the Effect/Color all night long and are "barely worm" to the touch.
    Also; Keep in mind that the Remote is IR (InfraRed) and you may need to be FACING the light(s) in order to adjust the Remote Settings to control the LED lights.
    I don't believe that these LED lights are intended a "Stage Band", however I feel that they are great for "Up-Close" (4 to 12 feet away) to highlight specific areas on a semi-darkened stage, or perhaps an effective lighting solution for an acoustic DUET Band.
    DRUMMERS would have a great use for these lights. 2 or 4 on the Stage Floor aiming up at the Drums would definitely be a great up-lighting Effect in highlighting the drum set (Two could be set for "Slow Multi-Color Change" and Two could be set for "Audio-Sound Activated").
    They could also be used within a DJ system (4 to 6 on the light truss).
    Re: The Par16 Cans, Note that there is only about a 2 foot cord on these little Par Cans. Also after unwrapping and unplugged, tighten up the screws down-inside of the Bulb Receptacle before screwing the bulb into in - they were a litle loose from the factory.
    OVERALL: The cost and the outcome / FX of two of these and two Par cans was well worth the Money !
    I may get several more of these to use for my DJ light truss.
    BulbAmerica shipped them to me fast, and I now have their website at the top of my favorites !

    Thanks Guys !
    Joe R

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