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    PLATINUM 4 x Music LED Color Changer E27 Lamp With 1 x Wireless Remote

    PLATINUM 4 x Music LED Color Changer E27 Lamp With 1 x Wireless Remote

    Product Review (submitted on June 6, 2013):

    I was hesitant on purchasing these lamps without knowing their quality and how well they worked. I wrote Bulb America with specific questions about the lamp, the manufacturer and Bulb America themselves, but only received a link back to customer reviews. I purchased these lamps anyway and I will ask and answer some of the questions in this review to help others who also might wonder about this product.

    1) How well do these lamps work within a metal can light (I had floor lights and the lamps sit down inside them)? I am glad to say that from the center of the room, even with the lamps recessed and behind furniture, the remote activates it without issue. The bad? Other remotes sometimes interfere with the lamps and cause them to switch modes or color. The microphone seems unaffected as well.

    2) How many variations does a lamp have? Although you can read the PDF supplied on this website to read on how the lamps and remote operates, I can say that each lamp can be set to 336 color mode combinations (16 colors + 10 dimming steps = 160 colors / solid on or music beat) = 320 modes. Plus, rainbow music beat mode (x10 dimming modes) = 330. Plus Flash or Fade Modes (x3 fast, medium or slow) = 336. Further, if you purchase multiple lamps, you have the option of stringing the lights together on one outlet or on/off (making flash and fade synchronize between lights) OR plug them into different outlets or on/off switches (non-synchronized).

    3) As there are a lot of color-changing LED bulbs out there, what makes Platinum a good brand versus the other vendors? Please send me any testimonials or vendor literature to support it. I did not receive any information from Bulb America, but I can say that the brand is made in Taiwan and has a year's warranty with them (written on box). No website or company information is supplied with the the product. However, searching on the barcode traced it back to http://www.platinumbulbs.com/ where you can read about their history and why you should choose Platinum bulbs.

    4) Having never ordered anything from this site, I asked Bulb America about their company as a supplier and dealer and their track record. No answer was given about their own company either. But I will say that my order arrived promptly (actually ahead of schedule slightly) undamaged. Sadly, when ordering, I signed up as a first-time customer to get a free $5 off coupon code. Careful - they do not place the code entry prominent on the order form like most sites when checking out. Therefore, I missed this step. After placing the order, I realized that it wasn't applied. A subsequent email to Bulb America asking if they could apply my code to the order, or give me a credit on a future purchase was denied.

    I hope this helps to everyone out there....I love them!
    Jeff Richardson, Seattle WA
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