RD-82D 8ch. DMX RACK Rack Mounted Dimmer Pack

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The RD-82 multi-protocol dimmer features soft-patch, remote activated internal scene and advanced chase functions that enable it to provide stand alone operation. Soft-patching allows any dimmer channel to be assigned to any incoming control channel. An internal scene provides the ability to activate general lighting from each entranceway with remote switches. The slow chase feature allows gradual lighting changes for visual architectural variety. Each dimmer channel may be individually selected for dimmer or relay mode. High quality semiconductors, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection provide the reliability and confidence you expect. Also available in LMX-128 (3 pin multiplex) Key Features: - DMX 512 Control - Eight Channels - 2400 Watts Per Channel - UL 508 Listed - 6 Output Connection Options - Relay Mode By Channel Channel Output Options: - Duplex outlet panel with 2 connections per channel - Knockout panel with internal terminal strip - External terminal strip (includes knockout cover) - Stage Pin panel with 1 connection per channel - Patch Bay panel with 4 Powerlock connections per channel - Socapex connector panel (wiring per customer selection) Specifications Power Input: 2 HOTS of 120VAC single/three phase 80 Amps per hot input under full load Overload Protection: 20 Amp fast acting circuitbreakers System Addressability: Softpatch any dimmer channel to any control channel Cooling: Variable speed fan with auto shutdown Filtering: 350 Microseconds minimum risetime Relay Mode: Each individual channel may be set for relay mode Display: Dimmer levels, Scene/Chase/Control signal status and setup menus Minimum Load: 15 Watts Control Source: DMX-512 Local Control: Dimmers may be adjusted without a console Internal Scene: Level memory w/2 Sec. fade, pile-on mode Remote Switch: Scene ON/OFF, Chase ON/OFF, or not used Chase Patterns: 7 preset, 1 user programmable Chase Steps: 32 maximum Step Rates: 1/4 Sec. increments, 1/4 sec to 16 1/2 Minutes


Number of channels 8 channels
Protocol DMX
Power 2400W/Channel
Length (in) 19
Height (in) 13
Width (in) 3.5
Weight (lbs) 25