UHP 210-140W 0.8 E19.4 EXTRA Philips High Quality Original Projector Bulb

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UHP 210-140W 0.8 E19.4 EXTRA Philips Projection Bulb without cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
Quality Original Bulb
The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models: 3M 78-6972-0008-3 3M X30 3M Lamp 3M X30N 3M Lamp 3M X35N 3M X36 3M X46 Dukane Imagepro 8919H Dukane 456-8755J Dukane Imagepro 8755J Dukane Imagepro 8755N Dukane Imagepro 8920H Dukane Imagepro 8922H Dukane Imagepro 8923H Dukane Imagepro 8954H Dukane 456-8787 Dukane Imagepro 8787 Hitachi DT01021 Hitachi CP-WX2515WN Hitachi CP-WX3011 Hitachi CP-WX3011N Hitachi DT01025 Hitachi CP-WX3014WN Hitachi CP-WX3015WN Hitachi CP-X2010 Hitachi CP-X2010LAMP Hitachi CP-X2010N Hitachi CP-X2011 Hitachi CP-X2011N Hitachi CP-X2015WN Hitachi CP-X2510 Hitachi CP-X2510N Hitachi DT01371 Hitachi CP-X2511 Hitachi CP-X2511N Hitachi CP-X2514WN Hitachi CP-X3010 Hitachi CP-X3010N Hitachi CP-X3010Z Hitachi CP-X3011 Hitachi CP-X3011N Hitachi CP-X3014WN Hitachi CP-X3015N Hitachi CP-X3015WN Hitachi CP-X3511 Hitachi CP-X4011N Hitachi CP-X4014WN Hitachi ED-X40 Hitachi ED-X42 Hitachi ED-X45 Hitachi ED-X45N Hitachi HCP-2200X Hitachi HCP-2600X Hitachi HCP-2650X Hitachi HCP-3000X Hitachi HCP-3050X Hitachi HCP-3560X Hitachi DT01022 Hitachi CP-RX78 Hitachi CP-RX78W Hitachi CP-RX80 Hitachi CP-RX80W Hitachi DT01081 Hitachi ED-X24 Sony LMP-E191 Sony VPL-BW7 Sony VPL-ES7 Sony VPL-EW7 Sony VPL-EX7 Sony VPL-EX70 Sony VPL-TX7 Sony LMP-E211 Sony VPL-EW130 Sony VPL-EX100 Sony VPL-EX120 Sony VPL-EX145 Sony VPL-EX175


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