UHP 250-200W 1.35 E21.8 Philips Projection High Quality Original Projector Bulb

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UHP 250-200W 1.35 E21.8 Philips Projection Bulb without cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
Bulb without cage assembly
Genuine Philips Bulb The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models: Acer PD721 Apollo PL9848 Ask C200 BenQ 60.J3503.CB1 BenQ PB8230 BenQ DS760 BenQ DX760 BenQ PB8100 BenQ PB8120 BenQ PB8210 BenQ PB8220 Boxlight CD-850M Hewlett Packard HP L1624A Hewlett Packard HP VP6100 Hewlett Packard HP VP6110 Hewlett Packard HP VP6120 IBM 31P9910 IBM Lamp IBM iLC300 Infocus SP-LAMP-006 Infocus Screenplay 5700 Infocus Screenplay 7200 Infocus Screenplay 7205 Infocus Screenplay 7210 Infocus SP5700 Infocus SP7200 Infocus SP7205 Infocus SP7210 Infocus LP650 Infocus LS5700 Infocus LS7200 Infocus LS7205 Infocus LS7210 Infocus SP-LAMP-020 Knoll Systems HD177 Knoll Systems HD272 Knoll Systems HD282 Knoll Systems HD284 Marantz LU-10VPS1 Marantz Lamp Marantz VP10S1 Marantz Lamp Plus 28-091 Plus PJ-020 Runco RUPA-006100 Runco 151-1033-00 Runco VX-2 Runco VX-2i


Projector Manufacturer's Philips
Projector Models 9281 371 05390
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, ligh