Ushio NSHA330SA 330 Watt Projector High Quality Original Projector Bulb



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330 Watt Projector Bulb Replacement without cage assembly. Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
Bulb without cage assembly
Original Projector Bulb The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models: Sanyo- POA-LMP104 Christie- 003-120394-01 Sanyo- 6103370262 Christie- LW600 Christie- LX900 Eiki- LC-W5 Eiki- LC-X7 Sanyo- PLC-WF20 Sanyo- PLC-XF70 Sanyo- PLV-WF20 Sanyo- POA-LMP108 Sanyo- 6103342788 Canon- LV-7585 Canon- LV-LP29 Christie- 003-120333-01 Christie- LX650 Eiki- LC-X80 Sanyo- PLC-XP100 Sanyo- PLC-XP100L Sanyo- POA-LMP124 Christie- 003-120458-01 Sanyo- 6103411941 Christie- LX700 Eiki- LC-X85 Sanyo- PLC-XP200L Mitsubishi- VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi- FL6900U Mitsubishi- FL7000U Mitsubishi- HD8000 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi- WL6700U Mitsubishi- XL6500LU Mitsubishi- XL6500U Mitsubishi- XL6600LU Mitsubishi- XL6600U Mitsubishi- XL6700


Projector Manufacturer's Ushio
Projector Models NSHA330SA
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, ligh