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    1. ETC Source Four Black Ellipsoidal 5º lens

      ETC Source Four Black Ellipsoidal 5º lens

      ETC Source Four Black Ellipsoidal 5º lens Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : S4-5

      List Price: $1,549.95

      Our Price: $790.50

    2. ETC Source Four HID Black Ellipsoidals 5º lens option

      ETC Source Four HID Black Ellipsoidals 14º lens option

      Your architectural space deserves to be in the spotlight. Literally! ETCs Source Four HID is a 150W metal-halide spotlight with all of the Source Four features you expect: cool beam, excellent pattern imaging, framing shutters and a bright, even field. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : S4-14-HID

      List Price: $3,789.99

      Our Price: $1,085.00

    3. ETC Source Four HID-PAR Ellipsoidal

      ETC Source Four HID-PAR

      The clean, even wash of Source Four PAR optics, four standard lenses for on-site adaptation, a lamp with phenomenal longevity -- Source Four HID PAR, ETC’s architectural washlight fixture. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : S4-HID-PAR

      List Price: $1,800.99

      Our Price: $725.40

    4. ETC Source Four PAR MCM (Metal Cold Mirror) reflector

      ETC Source Four PAR MCM (Metal Cold Mirror) reflector

      All the power of a PAR plus the cool beam of the Source Four! This is no ordinary par can. Source Four PARs goes beyond run-of-the-mill pars with ETC rugged die-cast aluminum construction and acclaimed Source Four lighting technology.
      Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : S4-PAR-MCM

      List Price: $546.11

      Our Price: $365.80

    Items 31 to 34 of 34 total

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    ELLIPSOIDALS are types of lighting fixtures that are primarily used in theatres for creating a wide variety of lighting effects. In addition to this, these types of spot lights are often also used by people for lighting the premises of their residences. Use of these types of spotlights in the residential set up is mainly done to beautify the property or make it safer by lighting the areas around it.ELLIPSOIDALS are highly technical devices that require their users to be well versed in all their abilities and features. In fact, these types of spotlights are available in different specifications. This makes it important for a potential ellipsoidal buyer to ensure that his purchase is of high quality. If you have been planning to purchase an ellipsoidal, then you can improve your purchase by focusing on the following aspects.

    1.  The throw distance:  
    Even within the category of ellipsoidal, there is a huge variety in terms of the throw distance that each fixture is capable of. The throw distance can be best defined as the distance that the ellipsoidal's beam of light can reach without fading, diffusing or losing its cohesion. While the throw distance is important for theatres as well, it comes into play more in the case of residential properties. In simpler words, most residential properties would welcome an ellipsoidal with the maximum throw distance because this would mean greater visibility and protection. 

    2.  Range of possible light beams:  
    ELLIPSOIDALS also tend to vary on the basis of the kind of beam they create. You can find ELLIPSOIDALS that offer a range of options starting from a soft beam of light to sharp beams. This property is more relevant in terms of stage use because the quality of the beam of light is used for creating the mood of the scene, in addition to illumination. Alternatively, an ellipsoidal being used in a residential setup for protection needs to be as sharp as possible.

    3.  Pattern creating ability:  
    The more advanced ELLIPSOIDALS in the market also boast of an ability to create patterns of light, which can be very handy in a stage set up. The patterns are created by a device that is placed in front of the ellipsoidal. These additional devices are known as gobos. Gobos can be extremely handy in a theatre setup because they can often be crucial in establishing a certain scene in a certain way. Hence, considering the kind of gobos that an ellipsoidal has with it or is compatible with it is important as well.

    4.  Special features:  
    In the same vein, the more advanced ELLIPSOIDALS also have additional features that can make them worth a lot to the buyers. A good example of this would be ELLIPSOIDALSthat offer a zoom facility. Other additional features that an ellipsoidal can have include lens coating, rapid focusing and energy efficiency.

    If you consider all the aspects mentioned above then you would have analyzed almost every relevant aspect of ELLIPSOIDALS, which would ensure a high quality purchase.

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