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    LED Lighting Effects

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    1. American DJ Quard Gem DMX

      American DJ Quard Gem DMX

      2x Dual Gem LEDs in one case. DMX. Digital display. Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $499.99

      Our Price: $299.99

    2. AMERICAN DJ   Design LED 60 Strip

      AMERICAN DJ Design LED 60 Strip

      Long Life L.E.D. Built-in Power Supply and DMX 512 Control, 6, 15, 60 OR 63CH operation modes, 8 built-in programs with Speed control, Strobe effect, 0-100% Dimming, Control each L.E.D. independently Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : DLED-60STRIP

      List Price: $3,889.98

      Our Price: $2,039.99

    3. American DJ Shooting Star LED

      American DJ Shooting Star LED

      Multiple LED Beams shoot from 40 lenses; Covers large area; DMX Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $659.95

      Our Price: $419.99

    4. American DJ set of 4 Accent White Strips Cool White LED's

      American DJ set of 4 Accent White Strips Cool White LEDs

      Set of 4 10-in. RGB Strips with white adhesive, inc. connector cables Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : STRIP-CW

      List Price: $119.95

      Our Price: $59.99

    5. American DJ H2O-LED 10w LED unique water effects

      American DJ H2O-LED 10w LED unique water effects

      H20 - water simulated effect with LED light source Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : H2O-LED

      List Price: $319.95

      Our Price: $203.99

    6. ELATION EVENT PANEL LED (panel only)

      ELATION EVENT PANEL LED (panel only)

      Event panel with IR Remote 100-240v DMX in/OUT and dc input option, 36w Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $899.95

      Our Price: $499.99

    7. AMERICAN DJ LED Messenger

      AMERICAN DJ LED Messenger

      The American DJ LED Messenger produces sharp Saturated colors red, green and blue beams of light - a spectacular light show that could not be produced with traditional halogen Moonflowers. The LED Messenger produces also LED patterns & text. It comes with Wireless remote. Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $679.99

      Our Price: $359.99

    8. American DJ Mega Pixel LED

      American DJ Mega Pixel LED

      The American DJ Mega Pixel LED is a unique color chasing bar that instantly adds energy to any application. For the biggest impact DJs and bands should link units in multiples to take full effect the Mega Pixel LEDs built-in color chase, strobe and color mixing programs. Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $449.95

      Our Price: $285.45

    9. AMERICAN DJ LED Trispot

      AMERICAN DJ LED Trispot

      Bright 3 watt 3-in-one RGB "Tri Color" Pinspot that produces up to 7 different colors. Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $309.99

      Our Price: $167.99



      High Power RGBW LED Strip, 64 x 1 W LED 16 each Red, Green, Blue, White Learn More
      Manufacturer :

      List Price: $1,200.00

      Our Price: $949.95

    Items 31 to 40 of 78 total

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    For mobile DJs, event planners, musicians and anyone else who wants exciting lighting "LED effects" are ideal. With their low energy draws, lost lasting lives, and durability LED effects are revolutionizing the club and DJ lighting. These effects have some key advantages over traditional lighting effects powered by halogen and HID lamps. LED effects stay cooler and don’t require duty cycles, allowing you to light continuously all night long. With LED effects, forget about routinely changing or handling scalding hot lamps, those days are over. Because of the versatility of LED lighting, there are more and more options for LED effects for consumers to choose from. From derby effects, to moving heads, to police beacons, and many more the possibilities are endless. LED moving heads are a particularly exciting innovation to come out of the development of LED technology. Many LED moving head are lighter weight and feature longer lasting light sources than incandescent and HID lamp powered moving heads, making them much easier to maintain. No matter how advanced or simple consumers’ lighting systems are, all consumers’ effect lighting can benefit from these exciting units. LED effects can be linked to DMX LED controllers or be operated by themselves typically through stand alone modes, music sensitive modes, and auto –program modes. Take your lighting to the next level with LED effects today.

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