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    1. Dolomite CYM 600 HFT

      Dolomite CYM 600 HFT

      fitted with a wireless DMX Receiver and powered by a short arc MSD 575 lamp, combined with the 35 degrees ellipsoidal optical system the unit is fitted with, produces a narrow concentrated long-throw beam to light adjacent or distant areas with high brightness and even coverage Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3437

      List Price: $7,720.58

      Our Price: $4,958.37

    2. Kolorado MK3 1800

      Kolorado MK3 1800

      Designed primarily for external architectural lighting, combining a wide angle high power flood light with the added benefits of a CYM colour changer Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0454

      List Price: $7,850.23

      Our Price: $5,188.48

    3. Niagara 150

      Niagara 150

      The innovative IP65 Dimension range is complemented by the first recessed fitting in the range, the new, compact color changer NIAGARA 150 Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3312

      List Price: $3,105.35

      Our Price: $1,918.60

    4. Vesuvio OS CYM 250

      Vesuvio OS CYM 250

      with its compact dimensions and ability to be used for a plethora of application, and it can light a surprisingly large area with great "reach" in relation to its small lamp power HQI-TS 250W 6000 hour metal halide lamp Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3222

      List Price: $6,890.54

      Our Price: $4,197.90

    5. Colosseo OS CYM 1000 HFT

      Colosseo OS CYM 1000 HFT

      is other version of Colosseo OS CYM 1000 fitted with a wireless DMX receiver, for trouble free control of large or otherwise awkward installations where the running of DMX signal cable from the control system to the projector could be problematic Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3254

      List Price: $10,480.20

      Our Price: $6,423.18

    6. Kolorliner


      can be fitted to many units which use 1000 watt, 1800 watt or 2000 watt metal halide lamps, and the color mixing system with cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters creates virtually unlimited color hues, coupled with smooth blends between color changes Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3510

      List Price: $6,980.52

      Our Price: $4,838.23

    7. KolorStream MK2 HMI 2500

      KolorStream MK2 HMI 2500

      Weatherproofed to certified IP44 rating CYM color changer with manual zoom, eight factory programmed inbuilt colour sequences, aluminium and galvanized steel body Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0570

      List Price: $10,875.25

      Our Price: $6,661.00

    8. Trident CYM 150

      Trident CYM 150

      high IP66 rating against water and dust ingress, the unit is suitable for virtually any exterior or interior application, can be mounted in any orientation and fitted with a metal halide 150W lamp giving high efficiency but low energy use Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3302

      List Price: $3,412.35

      Our Price: $2,127.14

    9. Graphite 300

      Graphite 300

      GRAPHITE 300 is a weatherproofed 250W colour changer which has been designed for permanent exterior installation. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : AD3552

      List Price: $8,152.24

      Our Price: $5,492.42

    10. Kolorado MK4 HMI 4000

      Kolorado MK4 HMI 4000

      Uses Lamp HMI 4000W/SE, the most powerful outdoor colour changer of its kind, giving the ability to cover greater areas or distances Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0462

      List Price: $12,450.25

      Our Price: $8,222.88

    Items 11 to 20 of 26 total

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