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    1. Spillo HMI 1200

      Spillo HMI 1200

      Fixed position (manual and vertical angle adjustment), on board speed control Learn More
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      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0036

      List Price: $2,992.50

      Our Price: $1,782.00

    2. Sky Rose MK2 HMI 1200

      Sky Rose MK2 HMI 1200

      This popular wide angle multi-beam high power sky projector is fitted with an HMI 1200 lamp, Project 25 highly visible beams, creating an amazing effect of 28º aperture angle. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0021

      List Price: $6,875.00

      Our Price: $3,843.00

    3. Imperial XENON 4000

      Imperial XENON 4000

      Motorized reflector, full control of all functions via 2 channel DMX, perfect light beam visible at distances of more than 20Km (12 miles) Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0035

      List Price: $27,335.00

      Our Price: $14,990.00

    4. Tracer MK2 HMI 4000

      Tracer MK2 HMI 4000

      Powerful multi-beam sky tracker projects 15 beams visible from an outstanding distance, fitted with an HMI 4000W discharge lamp, DMX 512 controllable, head and mount detachable from the base, 380V power supply. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0038

      List Price: $13,342.50

      Our Price: $8,269.56

    5. Sky Rose MK2 HMI 2500

      Sky Rose MK2 HMI 2500

      This popular wide angle multi-beam high power sky projector is fitted with an HMI 2500 lamp, Project 25 highly visible beams, creating an amazing effect of 28º aperture angle. Power factor correction system. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0025

      List Price: $7,938.50

      Our Price: $4,479.00

    6. KolorGlobe Xenon 4000

      KolorGlobe Xenon 4000

      MOVING HEAD ultra high power 4000W CYM narrow variable single beam color changer searchlight. On board or remote DMX512 gives access to all functions, which include frost soft edge effect, black out, dimmer, strobe and standby. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0472

      List Price: $48,012.50

      Our Price: $34,145.28

    7. Globe 7000

      Globe 7000

      The Globe 7000 is a 7000W single beam moving head searchlight. It uses a Xenon 7000W flicker free lamp and a nickel rhodium plated reflector to give an extraordinary light output. Learn More
      Manufacturer :
      SKU : GR0476

      List Price: $51,185.50

      Our Price: $32,978.21

    7 Item(s)

    Outdoor Search Lights

    Everyone's probably seen them at some point. Large beams of light coming from some indiscriminate location moving rhythmically through the sky. Outdoor searchlights are an iconic symbol of old Hollywood glamour and style. Though used for many purposes, perhaps the most recognizable is their use outside of venues hosting glittering award shows.  

    Outdoor searchlights are one of the most effective methods in drawing wanted attention to an event or venue. They can be seen from miles away and instantly draw curiosity and fascination. The powerful devices come in a relatively small and efficient package that can be set up and used almost anywhere. This allows for a great amount of flexibility and ease, making them a common staple at grand openings and major events across the country. If looking for a way to draw attention to your event without having to spend tons of money on gimmicks, outdoor searchlights may be the answer.  

    Though there are a wide variety of outdoor searchlights available for purchase and for rental, most of the more robust models will boast of features such as full 360 degree rotation as well as 90 degree tilt. This allows for the most versatile movement available guaranteed to beat out the benefits of simply shining bright stationary lights at a venue or event. Some searchlights offer different types of beam projection as well as strength and distance. Many offer different colored beams for a more unique show. All of these options and more make outdoor searchlights a simple yet incredibly robust tool.  

    Because they are relatively easy to set up, comparatively light and are completely portable, outdoor searchlights are more and more commonly used today and no longer are they confined to major Hollywood venues. Individuals and businesses can now bring the glamour and wonder to their local event or venue.  

    Of course they may not be in the market to purchase their own set of outdoor searchlights. This may prove to be costly for simply a few uses. Rest assured, outdoor searchlights are commonly available for rental across the country and could be the perfect addition to any event or venue. Do not settle for overly bright stationary lamps that heat up crowds and wash out hard work in a florescent glow. Instead, consider outdoor searchlights an alternative to the harsh norm and add a little glamour and intrigue to an event that is both cost effective and unique.  

    If an individual or business was in the market to purchase outdoor searchlights, there are stores dedicated to their sale as well as products like them that are meant to advance the promotional prowess of companies and event coordinators everywhere. Researching the broad range of products available thoroughly before committing to a particular product would be a smart first step. Though all outdoor searchlights may appear to be the same, there are a wide variety of features small and big that should be considered.

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