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    PAR Can LEDs

    LED PAR cans are round printed circuit board with LEDs mounted on is used in place of a PAR lamp.

    There is likely no area that has benefited from LED technology more than PAR cans. What makes LED PAR cans so exciting for theatre techs and stage lighting designers is that they remove the need for dimmer packs, color gels, and gel frames—making lighting systems simpler and making running them more headache free. Most LED PAR cans feature built in dimming, color changing, and effects like strobing. These features are fully controllable through a controller or often directly on board the can itself. LED PAR cans have many of the benefits that LED light bulbs do. With LED cans, theater techs no long have to worry about changing and handling burning hot lamps and the performers on stage long longer have to sweat underneath the heat created by them. As a result, LED PAR cans can be hung closer to the stage or event, further optimizing the fixture’s color and light performance. LED PARs have also been valuable to architectural and outdoor lighting. Because LEDs don’t have filaments they are very durable, allowing LED PAR cans to be offered in IP65 (and higher) weatherproof, indestructible and highly useful as outdoor and architectural washes. From PAR 64 cans to PAR 38 cans, to pin spots and more, LED PAR cans are available in most PAR can sizes. Simplify your lighting system with "LED PAR cans".

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