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    Look up at the stage at any large church, stage, or venue’s lighting and odds are you’ll see a cluster of PAR 64 bulbs providing bright light. These bulbs are popular because they are easy to use and install replacement bulbs for: simply unplug the mogul end prong base from the socket and plug in a new one. For stage lighting, the most popular bulbs in this family of bulbs are the 1,000w and 500w MFL PAR 64 lamp. The medium flood (MFL) beam angle is ideal for general washes because it provides a wide enough beam (25˚) for good light coverage yet narrow enough to maintain punch and intensity. Other beam angles for PAR 64 lamps are also useful, spot (SP) and narrow (SP) bulbs are great for creating dramatic moments and beam effects while flood (FL) and wide flood (WFL) lamps are effective for more diffuse lighting. Consumers should be adventurous and explore and use the different beam angles available to them. By doing this, consumers can create truly unique effects and scenes using PAR 64 bulbs. We have all the major brands including Osram, GE, Ushio, Platinum, and more so make us your one stop shop for PAR lights today.

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