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    Stage Light Bulbs

    BulbAmerica stocks thousands of light bulbs in nearly every type, wattage, voltage, shape, base, and color temperature imaginable. We offer a wide selection of light bulbs for every application including stage & studio, home, outdoor, display, and many more.

    Stage Light Bulbs

    Stage light bulbs remain the traditional halogen "PAR can bulbs." Light thrown, color and brightness are unmatched or exceeded by other stage lighting technology.  Having the largest diameter of the PAR bulb family, the 100w PAR64 lamps with mogul end prongs, are first choice for theaters, stages and auditoriums worldwide. At 8 inches in diameter, "64" defines its size by inches (8 equals an inch). Light effects and purpose vary according to the predominant beam chosen. Review our selection of 64 stage light bulbs, selecting from wide flood (WFL), narrow spot (NSP), medium flood (MFL) and very narrow spot (VNSP).

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