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    There are many different lighting technologies available for stage/mood lighting. Of all of them, halogen PAR can lamps are the choice of professionals everywhere for their excellent luminescence and light casting properties. The most popular of these lamps is the PAR64. The 1000 watt PAR 64 lamps are by far the most popular for demanding technicians in all types of stage applications the world over. The throw of the PAR 64 lamp, its power, color intensity and uniform spread make the PAR 64 the number one selection of lighting designers and professionals. PAR 64 lamps are extremely durable under heavy use and are easily replaceable. Especially the mogul prong version where use in a PAR can is needed. This lamp is the largest in terms of diameter in the PAR light genus. It is truly in a class of its own. The lamp's diameter is a whopping 8 inches as defined by the "64" (PAR 64) which stands for 64/8''. PAR 64 lamps are utilizable in all major beam spreads, including narrow, very narrow, medium and wide types. Each beam spread provides a different effect and thus, serve varying lighting purposes. Check us out today for the widest selection of PAR 64 lamps. We have it so you can get it!
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