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    Philips UHP 9281-367-05390 Projection Lamp High Quality Original Bulb

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    9281 367 05390

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    • 9281 367 05390

    Product Description

    UHP 200W 1.3 P22 Philips Projection Bulb without cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
    Bulb without Cage Assembly
    Original Projector Bulb

    The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models:

    Barco R9841100
    Barco iQ 300 Series
    Barco iQ G300
    Barco iQ Pro G30
    Barco iQ R300
    Boxlight CP-12T
    Boxlight CP-18T
    Boxlight CP-19T
    Boxlight CP-300T
    Boxlight CP-305T
    Boxlight CP-306T
    Boxlight CP-310T
    Boxlight CP-315T
    Boxlight CP-12TA
    Boxlight CP-320T
    Canon LV-7340
    Canon LV-7345
    Canon LV-7350
    Canon LV-7355
    Canon LV-LP11
    Canon LV-5200 Canon Lamp
    Canon LV-LP16
    Christie 03-000468-01P
    Christie LX20
    Christie Vivid LX20
    Eiki LC-NB3
    Eiki LC-NB3E
    Eiki LC-NB3S
    Eiki LC-NB3U
    Eiki LC-NB3W
    Eiki LC-NB4
    Eiki LC-NB4S
    Eiki LC-XNB3
    Eiki LC-XNB3S
    Eiki LC-XNB3W
    Eiki LC-XNB4
    Eiki LC-XNB4M
    Eiki LC-XNB4MS
    Eiki LC-XNB5M
    Eiki LC-SB10
    Eiki LC-XB10
    Eiki LC-XNB5
    Philips LCA3111
    Philips LC4434
    Philips LC4345
    Philips LC4431
    Philips LC4441
    Philips LC4445
    Philips CBRIGHT SV1
    Philips CBRIGHT SV2
    Philips CBRIGHT SV20
    Philips CBRIGHT XG1
    Philips CBRIGHT XG2
    Philips CBRIGHT XG2+
    Philips LC4331
    Philips LC4341
    Sanyo POA-LMP35
    Sanyo 6102932751
    Sanyo PLC-SU30
    Sanyo PLC-SU31
    Sanyo PLC-SU32
    Sanyo PLC-SU33
    Sanyo PLC-XU30
    Sanyo PLC-XU31
    Sanyo PLC-XU32
    Sanyo PLC-XU33
    Sanyo PLC-XU35
    Sanyo PLC-XU37
    Sanyo PLC-XU38
    Sanyo POA-LMP53
    Sanyo 6103035826
    Sanyo 6103045214
    Sanyo PLC-SE15
    Sanyo PLC-SL15
    Sanyo PLC-SU2000
    Sanyo PLC-SU25
    Sanyo PLC-SU40
    Sanyo PLC-XU36
    Sanyo PLC-XU40
    Sanyo PLC-XU45
    Sanyo POA-LMP63

    Additional Information

    SKU 9281-367-05390
    UPC Code 675650026689
    Projector Manufacturer's Philips
    Projector Models 9281 367 05390
    Warranty 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, ligh
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