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    UHP 220-150W 1.0 E19 Philips Projection High Quality Original Projector Bulb

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    9281 357 05390

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    • 9281 357 05390

    Product Description

    UHP 220-150W 1.0 E19 Philips Projection Bulb without cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
    Bulb without Cage Assembly
    Quality Original Bulb

    The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models:

    Acer EC.J0300.001 Projector Lamp
    Acer EC.J0302.001 Acer Lamp
    Acer PD113
    Acer EC.J1001.001
    Acer PD116P
    Acer PD116PD
    Acer PD523
    Acer PD525
    Acer PD525D
    Apollo PL9894
    Apollo PL9610
    BenQ 59.J9301.CG1
    BenQ 5J.J0M01.001
    BenQ PB2140
    BenQ PB2240
    BenQ 5J.05Q01.001
    BenQ 5J.J1R03.001
    BenQ 5J.J1S01.001
    BenQ 5J.J2C01.001
    BenQ MP611
    BenQ MP611C
    BenQ MP620C
    BenQ MP721
    BenQ MP721C
    BenQ MP726
    BenQ CS.5JJ2F.001
    Christie 003-120181-01
    Christie DS +26
    Christie DS +300
    Christie DS +305
    Dell 310-7522
    Dell 725-10092
    Dell 1200MP
    Dell 1201MP Dell
    Dell 310-8290
    Dell 725-10106
    Dell 1800MP
    Dell MJ815
    Dell 730-11445
    Dell 2300MP
    Dell 310-5513
    Dell 725-10056
    Infocus SP-LAMP-003
    NEC LT30LP
    NEC LT25
    NEC LT30
    NEC LT35LP
    NEC LT35
    NEC NP02LP
    NEC NP40
    NEC NP50
    NEC NP03LP
    NEC NP60
    NEC NP08LP
    NEC NP41
    NEC NP43
    NEC NP52
    NEC NP09LP
    NEC NP61
    NEC NP62
    NEC NP64
    Nobo S16E
    Nobo S17E
    Nobo X17E
    Optoma SP.82G01.001
    Optoma DX605R
    Optoma EP716
    Optoma EP716P
    Optoma EP719
    Optoma EP719P
    Optoma EP719R
    Optoma Ezpro 716
    Optoma Ezpro 719
    Optoma TS400
    Optoma TX700
    Optoma BL-FU180A
    Optoma DS305
    Optoma DS305R
    Optoma DX605
    Optoma SP.86S01GC01
    ProjectionDesign 400-0402-00
    ProjectionDesign F2
    ProjectionDesign F2 SX+
    ProjectionDesign F20
    ProjectionDesign F20 SX+
    ProjectionDesign F20 SX+ Medical
    ProjectionDesign F22
    ProjectionDesign F22 SX+
    ProjectionDesign Action 2
    ProjectionDesign Action M20
    ProjectionDesign Cineo 20
    ProjectionDesign EVO2
    ProjectionDesign EVO2 SX+
    Toshiba TLP-LP20
    Viewsonic RLC-033
    Viewsonic RLC-012
    Viewsonic PJ406D
    Viewsonic PJ456D

    Additional Information

    SKU 9281-357-05390
    UPC Code 675650025545
    Projector Manufacturer's Philips
    Projector Models 9281 357 05390
    Warranty 90 Days Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, light
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