Bubble Trouble: Great Bubble Machines from American DJ and Elation

By BulbAmerica Editor

The bubble machine is one of the most fun and easy to use effects around. Bubble machines can turn a stage or a dance floor into a whimsical and exciting environment with the flip of the switch. In this article I will review two of my favorite bubble machines, American DJ’s Bubble Blast and Elation Professional’s Professional Bubble Machine. The Bubble Blast is a high performance bubble machine conveniently placed on wheels for easy transport. The Bubble Blast produces 100s of bubbles per minute with its primary and secondary fan system which lifts the bubbles into the air and disperses them. The Bubble Blast is as easy to use as it gets. Simply fill the tray with bubble juice and flip the switch on the back of the machine and watch the bulbs fly. The Bubble Blast has a low current draw and solid construction to make it easy on the electric bill and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it being damaged in transit. The Bubble Blast also comes with an option remote control that can control the power, the duration of bubble blasting, and other features.

Elation’s Professional Bubble Machine is another formidable bubble machine option. Unlike the Bubble Blast, Elation’s bubble machine has a yoke on it that allows you to mount it on a truss like you would any other lighting fixture. Elation’s Professional Bubble Machine is powerful; it is able to widely disperse its bubble with its four separate bubble wheels and a trio of fans at the back of the unit. Another feature that sets Elation’s bubble machine apart is that it is also capable of being integrated into a lighting system via its DMX connectivity. This unit also includes a remote control that can serve as a timer and shut the Bubble Machine down when you believe enough bubbles have been created.

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