LED Light Strips: A Lighting Solution that Sticks

Under railings and shelves, on top of cabinets, above doorways, and under the edge of your swimming pool: the home and business contain many surfaces inaccessible to conventional lighting, denying key spaces proper light and decorative flair. That is, until now. Optima Lighting’s LED lighting strips provide a solution, allowing you to place lights in much-need but hard to reach places for both indoor and outdoor environments. The .472 in height of the strip and its 3M adhesive backing give this LED lighting strip a low profile and make it easily concealable underneath a railing or window sill.

Optima’s LED strip is packed with features. The strip’s RGB color mixing will provide your space with dynamic and attractive lighting. The strip has numerous color modes including seven color flashing, full color fading, looping, and seven primary color holding. This strip’s 30, 60, or 120 LEDs and high lumen count guarantee unmatched brightness, and at only 5.9w per 3.28ft strip, or 1 meter. Optima sells two versions of the strip, one geared for the outdoors which is completely waterproofed with a silicon coating, and the other intended for indoor use.

Optima's strip package promises all of the lighting benefits of the LED strip in addition to an added element of control with a controller and radio frequency remote that works at up to 164 ft, or 50 meters, from the controller. Both the controller and remote can fully control the light modes, the intensity of the light, the speed of the light pattern, and pause the pattern. The Optima package also comes with the option of a wall mounted control panel in place of a remote control. The package also comes with a power supply for your LED strip. The ease of use of the controller and remote control and the LED strip’s numerous features mean that you will be able to fully control your LED strip and maximize your space’s lighting
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