Las Vegas' Fremont Street: An LED Spectacular

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places on earth, and its Fremont Street, a shopping area lined with shops and food vendors certainly contributes to this excitement. What is unique about Fremont Street is not what is happening on the street, but what is happening 90ft above the street on the inside of the street’s canopy. Attached to the canopy is the largest LED screen in the world. The 125ft wide Viva Vision screen features an incredible 12.1 million red, green, and blue LED bulbs. The screen is powered 10 high-speed computers that control the animation, graphics, and live footage of the street displayed on the Viva Vision Screen. By using LEDs, the Viva Vision screen achieves a very high resolution and is thus an incredibly popular Las Vegas attraction.
What is amazing to me is that prior to 2004 when the screen was first unveiled, the canopy was studded with 2.1 million incandescent bulbs. Beyond the astonishingly huge task of keeping tack of the burnt out bulbs in a 2.1 million light bulb display, it is likely that the energy expenditures and heat produced by the old incandescent canopy at Freemont Street were incredible. Though the 2004 replacement of the 2.1 million incandescent bulbs with the 12.1 million LED Viva Screen probably had much to do with the higher video resolution LEDs can achieve, surely another reason was the dramatic energy savings that the LEDs contributed.
The moral of the Freemont Street LED story is that if you need outdoor video panels LEDs are really the only good choice. But, beyond this, you should replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs, or at least CFLs, to make your lighting that much more efficient. After all, the desert is pretty hot as it is, one doesn’t need the additional heat of 2.1 million incandescent bulbs to feel the heat.

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