Fun-Identified Flying Objects: LEDs Go Extraterrestrial

If you’ve read this blog with any regularity you’ve probably read at least one article about the architectural and entertainment applications of LEDs. In this article I’m going to detail another application of LED technology that is truly out of this world, namely UFO lighting. New York artist Peter Coffin recently completed a 23ft in diameter UFO that featured 3,000 individually addressed bulbs that were controlled via a computer to create vibrant extraterrestrial lighting. Coffin and his team took their remote control LED UFO on a flight through the historic city of Gdansk, Poland to the delight, and among some, the disquiet of pedestrians on the ground. The LED UFO has also made a flight through the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, and before a crowd of 500,000 displayed its impressive color changing LEDs and its elegant flight.

Peter Coffin’s LED UFO is the likely the most creative uses of LEDs I’ve come across thus far. Indeed, LEDs are not only ideal for spacecraft, but their durability and compact packages make them ideal for aircraft, watercraft, and automobiles as well. BulbAmerica stocks a wide array of LED products perfect for all applications. LEDs will last long, likely never fail, and will save you money. As usual, give us a leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further questions you have.

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