LEDs Help Keep the Current Flowing in Kansas City

Spanning Highway 470 in Kansas City is the Power & Light Utility Bridge, which carries the city’s electrical cables, rather than people, from the Crossroads Arts District to the Power & Light Entertainment District. The city’s vision for the Power & Light Utility Bridge was to make this infrastructural necessity an attractive part of the Kansas City cityscape. According to Architectural Lighting, the Power & Light Utility Bridge is 163ft long set of trusses featuring steel panels perforated with holes of varying diameters to give them a swirling and undulating appearance. At night, the panels are illuminated 52 60w RGB color changing wash units and accentuate the undulating quality of the panels’ design.

The Power & Light Utility Bridge represents a creative and aesthetically pleasing solution to a infrastructural problem, how to get electricity from one side to the city to another with a highway in between. The use of outdoor LED color changing units is a testament to the breadth of applications for LED technology and its durability and usability.

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