Don’t be S.A.D.

Don’t be S.A.D.

Gabby Hassan

Summertime is great; everyone is happy, the days last longer, the sun shines brightly and people spend time outside. On the contrary, the winter season, although beautiful as well, can feel dark or lonely due to the minimized sunlight. Many people experience feeling of increased sadness during the wintertime. This is not abnormal; it is actually a legitimate disorder! It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, ironically abbreviated as S.A.D. This mood disorder is fairly popular and has various treatments including light therapy with bright lights that mimic sunlight. These bright lights have a high color temperature, generally around 5000K, that emit a blue-ish light similar to that of daylight. In fact, this disorder is so prevalent that universities in cold areas, such as the University of Michigan, have health centers equipped with these special lights to be used at the students disposal. has a wide variety of these “Happy Lights” for the colddark winter days. These sunshine supplement lights improve your mood, increase productivity, and even serve as an energy enhancer! They also improve your sleeping patterns and overall well being. The Verilux Happy Light comes with a copy of a book written by Dr. Nathan Rosenthal, the doctor who discovered the disorder, detailing the effects of light therapy, and methods of overcomingS.A.D.

S.A.D. is nothing to be ashamed of as 4-6% of the population have been diagnosed with this disorder, and 10-12% have shown symptoms during their lifetime! Its no wonder celebrities like Mischa Barton, Lindsey Lohan, and Rihanna flock to warm venues to avoid the wintertime sadness!

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