Want to make your very own light bulb?

Want to make your very own light bulb?

By: Gabby Hassan

In today’s world, you can hardly walk into any complex without seeing light bulbs fixed into the ceiling. We are surrounded by these little appliances that provide us with unlimited light, but we take them for granted. Most of us do not know the work it takes to make just one bulb. That changes now. Here is the Light Bulb making for dummies guide:

Before you even begin, make sure you have the following supplies:  

·         One 6- volt battery
·         3ft of shielded copper wire
·         A cork stopper
·         1 inch nail
·         A thin iron wire (a wire from a picture frame will work)
·         A small jar

Follow these steps and create a homemade bulb!

1.       Cut the copper wire into 2 strands that are about 1.5ft each.

2.       Covering the wire is plastic shielding. Remove 1 inch of the shielding from the ends of both strands.

3.       Now use the nail to create 2 holes in the middle of the cork, roughly 1 inch apart.

4.       Take the copper strands and place one end of each 2 inches into the cork holes.

5.       Bend the end of the 2 strand into a hook shape facing the same direction.

6.       Now take out the iron wire and cut 5 strips approximately 1.5-2 inches long.

7.       Twist the 5 strands together with your hands and place the wire onto the copper hooks. *It is important
that it is touching both copper strands.

8.       Take the cork stopper with the embedded wires and place it in the jar.

9.       Take 1 strand of the copper wire not in the jar and wrap it around one end of the battery, and do the same with the other copper strand on the other side of the battery.
You have made your own light bulb and will no longer take Edison’s masterpiece for granted! Once you have reached your light bulb creating limit, go to http://www.bulbamerica.com/ for a simple and easy way to purchase a huge variety of quality light bulbs at AMAZING PRICES!!

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